In the modern time period, any sort of games prove as good entertainment. Areas that have technology play games on many different devices such as Ipads, laptops, and more. But other areas do not even have electricity. Everyone lives in different conditions that determins their lifestyle. The different versions of games within the area you consider will also vary as well.


Weather or not you are informed or not, the numbers of games are rising. According to a study by the NPD Group, around 91% of kids aged 2-17 play games, comprising a group some 64 million children strong.This isn't a shock at all. The real shock is that the greastest growth in games played is inbetween ages 2 and 5. This means more children are playing games before they can even properly talk.


Most people say video games are bad, but I completely disagree. I think video games prove more of a help rather than a hindrance. There isnít only one reason, but many. Probably much more than you imagined. There are many reasons why video games can improve in many different fields. First, video games can help you improve in strategic thinking and problem solving. This not only helps in school, but even in sports too. Some video games also encourage you to be creative in your work. This proves to be quite useful in daily life when it comes deciding a certain topic to talk or write about. Also, video games help improve social skills, allowing the shy to become bolder and much more confident when it comes to doing something before a crowd. Finally, video games improve reading fluency and processing speed, allowing students to become efficient readers and understand a concept faster. As a result, grades could improve and the studentís education level could rise. Video games do not only improve mental abilities, but physical abilities as well. They improve teamwork skills (in teamwork games) and special awareness, allowing the player to become more aware of his or her surroundings. They will most likely develop faster reflexes, which will help them play sports. To conclude, you have seen the reason why video games (or games in general), are a help to us. Hope youíll agree, too! From, Unknown Author


Many people think video games are really helpful, but I strongly disagree. I consider them bad in many ways. Hopefully you agree with me. #1: Causes more people to have near vision. According to studies, in 1970, only 25% of Americans were nearsighted. Now, around 42% are near sighted. #2: Causes aggression, bullying, fighting, and violence. #3: Increases obesity.The continuous, long period of sitting increases obesity. This can also result in poor psychological adjustment. #4: Will start to ignore other activities #5: The worst is that he or she may become addicted to the game. To tell you, once that happens, iit does not end in a happy ending. As you can see, video games are more of a hindrance rather than a help.
So wether you chose to one or another, do it for your own good!